Portable Mini Tire Inflator with Digital Display LED Light SOS Light Emergency Power Bank 150 PSI Tire Pump with Inflatable Nozzle Needle Fuse Air Com


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Brand: iMounTEK
Product Type: Tire Inflator
Material: ABS, Aluminum Alloy
Color: Gray
Power Supply: Type-C Charging
2 Light Mode: White LED Light, Red SOS Light
Built-in Battery: 2Pcs 2000mAh Batteries
Output Voltage: 7.4V
USB Output: 5V/1A
Output Power: 70W
Inflating Time:<9.5Mins
Charging Time: 4-5Hrs
Cylinder Specifications: 17mm
Noise: ≤85dB
Air Flow Volume: 20L/min
Maximum Output Air Pressure: 150PSI
Inflatable Tire Quantity (Fully Charged): 2.5 Car Tires(195mm/55/R15), 5.5 Motorcycle Tires(14D/70-17), 5.5 Bike Tires(700×200c), 29 Basketballs
Pressure Units: PSI, KPA, BAR, KG/CM2
Type-C Charging Cord Length: 103cm/40.55in
Air Tube Length: 23.6cm/9.29in
Carry Bag Size: 13.8*22.6cm/5.43*8.9in
Item Size: 8.2*5*3.2cm /3.23*1.97*1.26in
Item Weight: 478g/1.05lbs
Package Size: 16x12x10cm/6.29×4.72×3.93in
Package Weight: 627g/1.38lbs

    • Fast Inflation: With a maximum pressure of 150PSI and air flow of 20L/min, it takes just a few minutes to pump up a flat tire. No external power supply is needed, the air compressor with a rechargeable battery pack can help you inflate tires anytime anywhere.


    • Emergency Power Bank: With built-in 2Pcs 2000mAh Batteries, this mini tire pump can be functioned as an emergency bank to charge your phones, tablets, earphones etc., which makes you less worried about the low battery condition.


    • Portable Air Pump: This portable air pump is lightweight. You can carry it everywhere with the included carry bag. Long pressing the “Ѻ” button and set your desired pressure unit, and then press the “+” and “-” buttons to set the desired pressure. It will automatically shut off when it reaches the pre-set pressure. LCD digital display provides an easy readout for its power and pressure value.


    • Wide Applications: Suitable for inflating the tires of cars, bikes, motorbikes, basketballs etc. with the provided short and long inflatable nozzles, inflatable nozzle for bicycle, and inflatable needle for ball.


    • LED Lighting For Night Time: With built-in battery, the mini tire compressor easily solve the problem of outdoor power supply. There is no need worrying the length of the power cord. The tire inflator comes with a LED-lighting feature to support your inflating needs in low-light environment and red SOS light for seeking help.


    • Friendly Reminder:

    • 1.The tire inflator is not a toy, and it is forbidden for children to use it. Please keep a safe distance from children during use.
    • 2.The built-in DC motor may generate electric sparks when working. Please do not use it in a flammable and explosive environment.
    • 3.If abnormal noise or high temperature occurs during work, please turn off immediately.
    • 4.Please confirm the correct measurement unit is selected, otherwise it may cause a tire burst.
    • 5.Do not leave when inflating, and observe the inflation process to prevent the inflation pressure from being too high.
    • 6.Keep the power cord plug away from water.


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